McGrady Downpatrick



McGrady Downpatrick are helping fund my training camps this year on the Road to Rio which has been a valuable part of my preparation. A great bunch of guys who give back to the community and sport

X-Bionic  – Ardblair Sports Importers 



Ardblair Sports Importers have been supplying me with X-Socks Compression socks & X-Bionic clothing which has come in really handy for training at altitude when the weather can change at any moment. The X-Socks compression socks have been a lifesaver for my calf muscles and shins which tend to get very tight and sore with the amount of miles and also training in spikes on the track. The socks have provided protection and recovery to my legs along with the many other X-bionic garments such as compression shorts and spikers (calf guards).

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Multisport Podiarty


As an endurance athlete, injuries and niggles, serious or otherwise, are an occupational hazard. However, being able to rely on the support of a top class podiatrist to help diagnose the cause and work towards improving the biomechanics to prevent further injury is invaluable. MutiSport Podiatry’s Athol Thomson has been a lifesaver & his expertise allow me to keep on running even though I have challenging feet to work with 🙂

The assessments to monitor my alignment and running technique have proved crucial in designing orthotics that suited my needs. My custom-made orthotics have ensured that I can more regularly work at the required intensity in the running sessions, providing that extra support and improved mechanics that I could not get from running shoes alone.




Naked Runner



Naked Runner have been supporting me since 2014. The technical running sunglasses are a great addition for my training and racing to help protect my eyes from harmful UV rays, they are so comfortable and light I never realise I have them on. They also look fab.

SOS Rehydrate


SOSrehydrate have been supplying my hydration sachets, they are great for an athlete on the go and make sure I’m hydrated pre and post training and competitions. The mango is my fav!