Product Reviews


SOSrehydrate is a doctor formulated hydration drink mix, it is really handy for people on the go, especially sports people, as it comes in little handy sachets.  It has 6 times more electrolytes than the average sports drink, 27% more electrolytes than the average coconut drink and 75% less carbs than the average sports drink.

I use SOSrehydrate everyday, before, during and after my runs and training sessions.  It was a lifesaver at the World Championships in Beijing and I use a lot of it whilst training at Altitude.

Dehydration reduces athletic performance and concentration, so SOS is very important to keep me on track and in top condition for training and competition.


BackBaller is a dual Mounted Foam Roller that delivers unprecedented Control & Stability when it comes to self-myofascial release.

It’s a rigorous massage tool and when used consistently it breaks down adhesions in the muscle fibres.
It facilitates us to regain our full range of motion & avoid injury.


“Using the Back Baller has become a key part of my training and recovery regime. It allows me to target tight muscles pre & post runs which is vital to try and stay injury free whilst training hard. It also provides a core workout at the same time which is a big bonus. The controlled rolling system is head and shoulders above other rollers”.


International Athlete